Oulu School of Guitar

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Päivitetty: Syyskuu 2020

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Puhelin: 04580 59752  Sähköpostiosoite: [email protected]

Instrumentti- ja välinevuokraus


We hire instruments and equipment with the aim of lowering the initial cost of taking lessons and to avoid students buying instruments, which then end up on ebay or Tori.fi. We recommend hiring for a maximum of 3 terms before buying your own instrument.

*Prices are per week, please order the correct number of weeks by altering the quantity to match the number of weeks. This can be done in the shopping cart before checking out.  For example, if attending a 10 week course and wanting to hire a guitar, please select the "one week guitar hire" option at 4.00€ and then change the quantity to 10, at the checkout, to match the 10 weeks of term.